This is a space for “mom stuff.”  Because I am also a mom.  And I know how challenging and exciting and all-consuming that can be!  So I wanted a space to put my “mom discoveries” in case they can help you as well! (Full disclosure: I don’t sell anything.  I’m just putting here things that have truly been helpful to me, usually things that I just happened to stumble across, and sometimes things that I went out looking for because I needed to solve a particular problem, but the bottom line is that I don’t receive any remuneration from any of these recommendations or anything like that. OH! EXCEPT FOR MY BOOKS!!! Yes, I do highly recommend my books because I wrote them and I believe in them and I think they are good and useful.  And this IS a writer’s blog so I think that was probably obvious, but just in case. . . OK, disclosure over.)

Anyhow! These discoveries are in no particular order, by the way.  I’m just adding them as they come to mind.  And I will put the most recent on the top.   That might make the numbering kind of weird, but it will save you the time of scrolling down later on!  


I subscribe to a newspaper, and several magazines come in the mail, but I never have time to read more than the occasional front page article — maybe.  BUT, I can listen to a podcast while doing other things! And keep my brain from turning into mush! This is wonderful!  Germaine to parenting is this one: NPR’s LIFE KIT: SCREEN TIME. NPR has a podcast called “Life Kit” with a series on parenting, and this particular group of podcasts is all about screen time, AND I found that it gave me some good food for thought.  And it know that it is a topic on a LOT of parents’ minds.  There was also this episode of Hidden Brain that I found fascinating: Hidden Brain, Bringing Up Baby. The first half talks about the hidden meaning of baby babble (I know!) and the second part talks about how we approach parenting.  AND you get to listen to babies babble! (Although a warning, you also get to listen to them throw tantrums.  Guess the scales had to be balanced.)

MOM DISCOVERY #2: Helene the Illustrator.  

She is just wonderful and she always makes me laugh.  Her little cartoons are all about Mom Life.  If you are on Instagram, I recommend following her. I don’t know her, never met her, not even sure how I stumbled across her feed! Just FYI, she does use some adult language, maybe because she’s from Britain and they aren’t as uptight about moms using strong language over there.  She usually makes me laugh, and sometimes cry.











(This post is from back when this site was destined to be a “mommy blog.”)

Does the world need another “Mommy Blog”?  Yeah. Probably not. There are already a ton of Mommy Blogs out there.   I have struggled with whether to start this project at all.  But then I saw someone on Health Unlocked ask the question: “Is there a Mommy Blog I can follow?”   And I thought, good grief! Don’t start looking there, you’ll go crazy.  You will just feel pressure to cut sandwiches into cute little shapes, to buy gadgets you probably don’t need and will feel guilty about not using, and to make hand-made decorations for every holiday.   At least, that was what I went through as a new mom.   The internet seemed be full of Perfect Moms.  Moms who do crazy things like sewing and cooking meals from scratch.  Things I will probably never do (although I like to think about doing them.)  So, then, I decided maybe I can do this thing.  Maybe I can put up a blog.  Hopefully, it will set the bar really low.  As in, “Hey, if I can survive this mom thing — you can too!”

And so, I will begin on this journey.  I live in the Los Angeles area, and I know that we have a reputation for being superficial. Or at least thought of as living on the surface of life, overly concerned with appearances and social symbols.  I want to debunk that.  I want to write something that reflects my every day lived reality with all of its mistakes, imperfections, bloopers and failures (and maybe an unexpected victory here and there).  Something you would not expect from a mom from LA.  Something about which I could say to the mom from Health Unlocked “Yes, you can read this blog, and you will still feel okay about yourself! You might actually feel pretty good about yourself.  At least you can think ‘well, hey at least I have it more together than her.’”  And maybe you might even laugh a little.

IMG_1358After all, most days, I have to think surprizingly hard to figure out ‘when was the last time I took a shower?,’  I often run out of time to put makeup on, even though I really prefer NOT to go out in the world with my naked face.  Dinner is usually bags of frozen (but healthy!) food dumped into the crockpot.  I haven’t baked something cute – or even not cute – in living memory.  My nails are chipped more often than they’re polished.  I pull on yoga pants because I haven’t had a chance to shave my legs.  Again.   I have been trying to lose the same 10 pounds for at LEAST two years. There is usually some item in my house, if not two or three or four, that is covered in a layer of sticky crumbs. I daily have the realization that something is covered in dust.  Like, seriously COVERED in dust.  This is reality.  I have come to accept it.

To be sure, life is full of things that are not as I wished they were.  Boxes not unpacked, IMG_7080dishes still not washed, laundry I left in the washer until it wrinkled.  Permanently.  But, with all this craziness and things that are only half done, or undone, or will never be done, I do love being a mom.  It was an unexpected twist in my life that has changed me more than anything else. I hope that reflecting on it with you will inspire the embracing of sticky crumbs, extra pounds, dusty corners, average lunches, burnt dinners, and all the imperfections of life.  Sometimes, we need to celebrate our failures and not just our successes.   Welcome to Confessions of an L.A. Mom.  Follow along if you would like to learn how to be The Imperfect Mom.

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man [or woman] who is actually in the arena…  — Theodore Roosevelt.

This is the little person who officially makes me a mom: IMG_6583