I am hoping that you landed here because you read one of my books (Click here for  the ‘Mandy’ book). Or maybe someone told you about the site. Or maybe you just did a random search and this is where you crash landed. (Or maybe you are one of my friends that I sucessfully pestered into coming here – Hello!) However you got here, I am glad that you are here.

My name is Karyn and I am a writer (read blog posts here ).  I “divide my time” as they say, between two coastal cities, Los Angeles and Honolulu.  My work covers a lot of very disparate genres, but someone pointed out that there was a theme that runs through all of it: namely, the importance of well-being.   I hesitate to use the term “mental health,” or even “emotional health,” because I believe that human beings are indivisible.  Our bodies, our minds and our spirits are all interconnected.  We are also connected to each other and to everything around us.  “Well-being” is the best theme that I can come up with that sums up my longing for wholeness, for myself and for everyone (and everything) else.

KARYNG seemed to be a good name for the website, since it is my first name and middle initial, and “karyn g” is how I often sign off on poems — and one day I had the sudden realization that it could be pronounced “Caring.”   Please make your self at home and take a look around at what I am working on.  If you like what you see, share the link (or a book!) with a friend.

Wishing you well,